Wenge Musica has produced exceptional music that is the best thing to come out of the Africa. But mysteriously, it has received little attention. Since Congo is associated with wars and devastation, many ears are slammed shut and many have no desire to listen to this great music. However, with Internet technology on hand, the gates for a direct contact with Africa have opened up and anyone can experience one of the best bands from the world's hottest musical city, Kinshasa. Werrason and his 25-piece band, Wenge Musica, have brought some unification in a ravaged country. His music brings something to relieve the pressure, at least temporarily, in that even feuding soldiers have been known to drop down their guns in order to attend his concerts. Werrason was also appointed as the UN ambassador of peace"  This is your chance to discover the magical music of Werrason and we are on a mission to help you along the way.



Wenge Musica Dancer